Quails and Chickens


9 Years
Apr 12, 2014
If I get 2 hens to turn the litter in my quail pen would the quails get sick? I have heard that quails can get sick from a disease that only chickens carry i just want to know how true that is... Also is there a type of hen that does not give quails the disease if the live together, any help is appreciated. Thank you.

EDIT- Or is there some type of quail that will turn the litter?
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It is a very real issue but I've never had any trouble. I've had Japanese, Dutch or OEGB in with coturnix as well as bobwhites on sand. No issues from loss. I do use apple cider vinegar in the water. Beyond that not really any special care beyond keeping things clean and disinfected periodically. It is honestly better to keep game birds on wire anyway. But you can definitely get by on sand if you keep the environment sanitized. BTW coturnix are generally more hardy than bobwhites. Their lifespan is shorter though, as is their effective egg production. I like to cycle out coturnix that are getting near a year old.
Please disregard everything I said about chickens, I now know that no one should ever keep chickens and quails together... So are there any quails that can mix up the litter in my aviary? Thanks.
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Quail aren't as voracious as chickens in turning over sand but of the species coturnix is probably most chicken like.

If you have dry soil that drains well and use sand over it, you'll never have a problem with disease if it is kept clean. I raise most of my breeders over sand, it generates a very happy healthy bird. They can get worms and enteritis from being kept on the ground so cleanliness is important and make sure they don't have ants or other infestation type bugs coming through their pens, worms and other diseases can be transmitted throught bugs. Thats not to say they can't get those same afflictions being on wire, but it is less likely.
I was thinking about digging a 1'Depth x 8' Length x 8'Width hole, filling 6 inches with gravel and the rest with sand. That way water will go down and keep the surface dry, do you think that is a good idea?
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That's what I do with my pens. As for no chickens you will need to get a tool to turn the litter yourself or scrape the top and remove it. With the sand and gravel method the rain and it being stirred will naturally work the manure down away from the birds. I have had sand bottom pens going for 20 years without disease or nastiness. The sand retains the same color. About ever 5 years I have to add a little sand.
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