quarantine time for a small flock (2+2=4)


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OK - I doubled our flock size today (sounds more impressive than just saying i bought 2 chickens)

I am wondering if i really need to do the 30+ day quarantine. I don't want my 2 current birds to get something but at the same time it is not like i have a large flock to worry about -so wondering if keeping up 2 small coops for an extended amount of time is overkill.

Currently I have 9 month Silver Laced Wyandotte and ISA Brown (we had a Australorp that we had to kill 2 weeks ago after she became egg bound
). We keep them in a kids playhouse-chicken tractor parked for the winter.

Just bought a year old Araucana and Golden Laced Wyandotte - and put them in a 3x4 cage in the garage.

Any suggestions recommendations?
Well, if you are ok with the idea of potentially infecting your existing hens with <whatever> then obviously quarantine is not as big a deal, no matter how large or small the flock is.

It is still worth doing to the best of your convenient ability, though, in terms of reducing the odds of a problem.

It's a personal choice, there is no absolute right or wrong, you just have to do what seems best to YOU

Good lcuk, have fun, congrats on the new chickens

What Pat said. At the very least I'd give them a good going over for mites/lice and spend some time just watching and listening to them for any signs of a problem. Best of luck!
Cool - Thanks pat

b4 reading up on it here and seeing 30-90 day recommendations - i was thinking a week in the garage to make sure they "looked" ok
so depending on how the week goes - maybe i'll keep them longer to be safe or put them together at that point for simplicity .

Partly I feel bad keeping them caged in the garage that long not able to run around outside like the other girls.....maybe i'll put together a quick little chicken wire run for them if i keep them separate longer.... (such a blurry line between pets and livestock here)

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