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Aug 19, 2014
I have a small flock - just three adorable silkies. I have been building their coop and run, and for the time, they are living in a wire rabbit cage, and getting "play time" in the yard, in a fenced in, covered temporary type run during the day (weather permitting). I have another silkie "on hold" at a farm about a half hour from my house. I know she needs to be quarantined, and I do have a second wire cage, but this one has a plastic floor, versus a plastic droppings tray. Does anyone have any recommendations as to what I should use as liner for the new girl's temporary cage?
I just use cardboard... can you find a cardboard box that fits, or tape together cardboard to fit the bottom of the crate? If you have a 4-6" in the side it also helps keep the shaving or whatever you are using for bedding from getting all over the place... and you can just throw it out when dirty rather than cleaning ....
You don't really need one. Just put sand in the bottom.
When you quarantine you know they are supposed to be far away from each other right? I'm not trying to sound like your ignorant just having them in cages like that most people would put them in the same area.
I know they're supposed to be away from each other. I had them on far opposite ends of my property, which is way more than enough space. They were caged because the coop wasn't finished at the time, and the new girl was in her own cage. Both cages had big, predator proof overnight boxes too, so everyone was protected and comfortable. Ended up using aspen wood shavings and the new girl loves them. Pretty soon I'll be able to start introducing her, very slowly, to the other birds. Should I expect some aggression from my roo when this happens, since new girl is already laying?
It isn't just the roo you need to worry about, but in small flocks I think integration is easier. Just let them see each other for a few days before putting them together and make sure they have room.

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