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    Jul 9, 2011
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    Around 4:40 this morning my last cochin egg pipped. It has been slow but around 12:00 there was a small hole. Now there is a quarter size hole and I think it is from the other chicks picking at it. I can see the chick and it looks like slightly dried yolk is on it. It can move it's head and wiggle a little, but I don't know if it is shrink wrapped.

    My first chick hatched yesterday at 9:00 am and then the other two around midnight. They are still in the incubator because of this pipped chick. They are sometimes pecking at it.

    I don't know what to do. I have two other eggs in there that haven't pipped yet.

    I kept my humidity around 40% days 1-18 and it has been around 70% since lock down. Temps have been between 99-100 degrees. I have a genesis 1588.

    Any thoughts?
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    Has the chickie hatch yet ? sounds like a very weak chickie. I am not sure how to help it !!
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    Jan 12, 2012
    Hmm, naturally it would get out with the mama hen's help of her rigid body.
    Chicks will survive for at least 3 days without food after they hatch because the yolk has the nutrients they need to stay in the nest for a couple days while the others hatch. If it's past 3 days I really wouldn't want to torture the chick. Hopefully the others will peck at the shell.

    Did it loose its egg tooth? (The little nob at the end of a chicks beak to help it get out of the shell/pip)
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    I have helped my chicks when they get to exhausted or if they are shrink wrapped just dappen your finger with water and lightly moisten the membrane. One of my chicks I had to peel the whole shell off of it... You can move your other chicks also at this time if you want to. Just be sure to get the lid back on so the humidity and temp stays up for the rest of your hatch.
    Good Luck [​IMG]
  5. homeschoolchick

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    Jul 9, 2011
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    No it has not gotten out. We decided it was shrink wrapped from the large hole so......

    We opened the bator in a humid bathroom and took the hatched chicks out. We then took out the egg and put it on a warm wash cloth. Took a knife and tapped a round it like zipping. There was no blood, so we removed the top of the egg. We then took a q-tip with warm water and loosened up the membrane. We left it in it's shell and stuck it back in the incubator for now to let it rest.

    I debated long on whether or not to intervene, but once we had to take the other chicks out for it's own safety ( they were pecking it's face hard), I could see for sure it was shrink wrapped and couldn't help but try since the room was a close to perfect environment.

    I don't know how for sure the membrane dried out like it did since the humidity never dropped and I never opened it up till now.

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    Is the chickie ok now, or did it not make it? [​IMG]
    I hope its ok! [​IMG]
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    I PM'd you but I hope the chick is out and about today. [​IMG]
    I never go by the rules of not opening the lid on my bator. I have a Genesis1588 that I hatch from since I run my eggs through day 18 in my Sportsman. As my chicks hatch out I open my Genesis and pull out the egg shells so I can record the pen they came from (written on top of shell) and what color the chick is, though I leave the chicks in the hatcher until everyone is out so they can all go into the house brooder together. I seldom have shrink wrapped chicks but if so, I help them if possible. I run my temps and humidity like you do.

    Yours is a great example of how they can become shrink wrapped even when you do everything correctly. I think the chick was just weaker than the others. It happens sometimes but I am glad you worked with the little thing and got her out. Now here's hoping she will bounce back and become stronger with your great care! [​IMG]
  8. homeschoolchick

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    Jul 9, 2011
    Mechanicsville, MD
    Thank you all for the concern! Little chick is still alive! I am concerned about one foot, I have to pull it out of the bator today and wash it off again and see what happened, but it looks a little swollen and the longest toe in the middle is not ...it is on the outside. I think maybe some membrane is wrapped around it. I hope some bandage will straighten the toes and if the toes aren't correct...oh well.

    Update later!
  9. well, how is she?

  10. homeschoolchick

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    Jul 9, 2011
    Mechanicsville, MD
    Sorry....the chick is doing great! Was able to take it's boot off. I will post pics soon!!

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