quasimoto chick . . .


Bird of A Different Feather
11 Years
Dec 20, 2008
Boise, Idaho
one that just hatched is rather mishapen. most alarming is the one eye that is bulging like he came up to fast from the depths . . . he is still in bator but peeping is distressed and non stop. should I remove and dispose before the kids get home or do you think this is something that may be overcome? has anyone seen this before?
Never seen that before- but we got a rooster from McMurray that was pretty deformed. We named him Gimpy. He was the sweetest rooster you'd ever want to meet. If the chick was strong enough to make it through the hatch- I'd give it a chance.
well . . . I have let him live thus far and am questioning my judgement. In fact i know I am doing wrong. I HATE MORAL DELIMAS!!! he seems healthy enough just an exact chicken clone of the Hunchback of Notre Dame . . . hopefully my neighbor who loves lost causes will take him before I am forced to do something.

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