Question about a sick chicken

Jane Ellen

6 Years
Sep 2, 2013
My 6 month old Rhode Island White is acting funny. Yesterday she stayed in the coop all day sitting on the floor. She hardly ate anything but continued to drink water. Her poop is kind of runny with bright green spots and streaks. She did not roost with the other two hens last night, stayed on the coop floor in the same spot all night. I removed her from the coop this morning and put her in a box with water and food in the house. She sits in the box quietly and stands up when I lift the box lid but does not appear to want to get out. She continues to drink water and ate a tiny bit of mash mixed with water. Any ideas?
Maybe heat stress? Is she skinny? Can you pinch her breast bone? The mash sounds good for her. See if you can sneak some electrolytes in to the food or water.

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