question about adding chicks to flock

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    Apr 26, 2010
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    I'm not ready to do it, or maybe its better to say the chicks aren't ready yet, i was just thinking about how in the world I'm going to do it, ok 1st I got momma taking care of 4 chicks and their fine at moment in their own little coop and run, but I also have the 2 chicks she rejected, would I be better off mixing those 2 chicks with the 4 when momma is ready to cut the apron strings, or try mixing those 2 in with the flock 1st and then adding momma and babies to flock , I only have 4 layers including momma, I think it would be easier to put chicks in with chicks 1st and maybe keep all chicks separate until they are bigger then the bantam pullets, which shouldn't take too long anyway, I have plenty of time to sort this thought out since they are only a week old, I guess I'm just rambling, but any advice or ideas of what other people in my circumstances did would be greatly appreciated.
    thanks Erica

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