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This week I got 4 Australorp chicks... very cute. When I told a friend of mine what type of chicks I got she said that she couldn't stand them! Said she's had them twice and both times she didn't like them. Claimed they were bossy... and even attacked some chicks that a broody hen had. Everything I've read has said they are docile, quiet, easy going chickens and good for a backyard. Could you give me some feed back on what your experience has been with this breed? I've got them in a brooder so they will be handled regularly.

We have two australorps and they arnt necesarily mean, but they're not extremely nice either. They dont peck each other or bully each other, but one just seems more flightly and scared than the other. I wouldnt say they are horrible though
i havent had any problems with my flock of laying hens, which has 10/20 australorp hens and several new pullets i added. i even have an australorp rooster in there and couldnt be happier with him, he stops any fighting between hens (when ive added new birds in) and is a gentle giant.
Ive had plenty of austrolorps over the years.The thing I found out about them is that they are extemly intelligent,which means they are usially at the top of the pecking order.They arnt very aggresive nor extremly docile,they will fight to be at the top of the pecking order but every chickens does that.They are extremly devoted mothers,I had 1 named daffiny she once hatched out 6 chicks and fought 4 other females at the same time to protect them.She won the fight.
I have 12, and I know for sure 4 are Roo's. I couldn't ask for a nicer breed. I like mine, they aren't bullies, but as with all breeds their is always a pecking order. I am in the pen every day, several times a day, they have never been mean to me either.
I think it's all about how you handle them. We make sure to handle all of our chicks about half an hour a day. If you have more than one we've found it's easy to hold them with an old towel while we watch tv at night. Do that about five nights a week for a few weeks and you will have fabulious chicken friends for life!

All diferent breeds will still have their own personality differances but they will be happier with you and their new home.

That was the best advice we got when we got our first chickens. It made all the differance in the world and we have done it with all of the chickens we have gotten since with great sucess.

Good luck!
Thank's for the response... I have noticed that they are very different from the Buffs and Cochins when they were this age. They are more confident... will run up to my hand when I put it in the brooder and then stop.. wait for me to move my hand. So far none have pecked at me. But I have had to put the screen over the top already... they are trying to fly out... at 9 days old!!! Took my other chicks much longer to do that. So I see what you mean about being smart. They are very gentle... and my nephew enjoys having them sit on him while he watches TV. The two Buffs that I'm keeping are the lead chickens right now. So should be interesting when it comes time to introduce the Australorps.

I started with Australorps, and still have them
They don't want to be picked up and held, but they come running when they see or hear me, and I think that is just as cute
Mine girls aren't mean either. They are in with bantams, and my seramas, with no problems. My one girl was broody, sitting on eggs, but I didn't have her raise the babies. She now mothers the chicks who are now 4 months old! Here's a pic... Enjoy your new chicks!!

My lorps are definitely smart and friendly, but not especially bossy. None of them are at the top of the pecking order, they're all somewhere in the middle. One of them doesn't like to be held, but gets jealous of the attention given to other chickens, and will fall asleep in my lap if I put her there.

My best and most consistent layer is an australorp. Unfortunately she also tends to go broody every other month. When she IS laying she lays very well.

I love the lorps and I plan to get more of them in the future.

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