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    Apr 11, 2011
    Alright, well I just introduced my rescue chicks to the flock.
    What I had been doing was I took a open wire dog crate and put it in the coop with the rescues in it *after they were checked over and I made sure they weren't sick* and left it in there for about a week. Today I brought them out into the run and let them mingle with the other birds.
    What they all did was hop, flap there wings every now and then, and occasionally peck at the younger birds.
    There was nothing vicious or extremely aggressive signs that I could tell, and no extrema pecking. Just a lot of hopping and wing flapping here and there.
    They were out for quite a few hours and no problems that I could recognize.
    As a precautionary I put them back in the crate for the night, and will let them out again in a day or so to mingle again.
    what should I be looking for? Looking out for? Being wary of? Is the wing flapping and hopping just a chickens way of saying, im the big hen around here?
    And should I wait another week before I let them stay out with the big birds? The birds are fully feathered and estimated to be around 7-8 weeks.

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