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Oct 12, 2011
I don't know much about breeding birds in general, and know even less about chickens.

If a hen lays an egg every day, and shares a household with a rooster, will her eggs always be fertile?

Scenario .... if you have Rooster A and he mates Hen B, how many eggs will she lay before she finally lays the egg that Rooster A fathered?

Just wondering how that works, especially since hens lay eggs even without a rooster.
Most folks say it takes a week to 10 days with a roo before you can be certain that the eggs that come out are fertile.
A rooster mates with the hens and she is likely fertile within the week, storing the sperm, for up to 3 weeks. However, most roosters see that their harem is mated much more frequently and often has his "favorites". An active, virile rooster can keep about a dozen hens in fertility. Not all hens are as good at being receptive and not all roosters are as proficient in accuracy as others, but you get the idea.
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It is quite likely that they will be fertile unless for some reason a hen isn't getting bred (not being a favorite as mentioned). You can tell if you look for the bullseye in the egg whether they are fertile or not. Post # 6 has a fantastically clear photo of what a fertile egg looks like. In an unfertile egg, the germinal disk just looks like a white speck.

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