question about broody chicken and duck eggs?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by emjay, Mar 26, 2011.

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    My first time ever incubator hatch is due in less then a week. yikes, and now, of two days ago, I have a hen that is broody. She has raised me two batches already (last year)

    Because i have chicks due in the bator, I was thinking of giving her duck eggs to sit on. I know that she is able to sit the 28 days, as teh first time she was broody, she sat on dummy eggs until I had collected enough to put under her at once, so I know it's doable.
    The only thing I worry, is that the duck eggs don't hatch and she has wasted 28 days of her life for nothing.
    She is a very protective girl, and she's not real fond of me checking her eggs once she's on them. So, I don't generally disturb her once she's at task.

    My main concern is that the eggs weren't collected and stored inside. I had been letting them collect in a nest in the duck house, hoping one of my ducks was going to go broody, as they laid a bunch of eggs in the same deeply hollowed nest. A no go.
    So, the eggs aren't fresh fresh, but, less then a week old, and had been stored outside, do you think they would still be viable for hatching?
    I was going to move her tonite to her brooding cage, but, not sure if I shouldn't now wait until tomorrow and add to the duck collection duck eggs laid tonite and tomrrow, just so that the chances of her hatching a couple are possible, just in case the others are ruined.

    well, I didn't move her, will be done tomorrow , hopefully
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  2. Judy

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    Depending where you live, I would guess that eggs stored outside will be fine for hatching.
  3. Freebird Poultry

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    I have done this with good results many times. Eggs can still be good for several days if left in the nest if conditions are right. Duck nests are often on the ground and under something. The duck will also cover the nest with feathers or straw or whatever is available before she leaves the nest. This provides a cooler darker place so they will be viable longer. When the ducks come back to lay another egg they will, by nature, turn or roll the eggs that are in the nest.

    How long a hen will be broody is an unanswerable question. In the past I have let a hen hatch her brood, then put the chicks in the brooder and give her another clutch of eggs to hatch. I normally let her raise the second hatch, BUT under certain circumstances I once let her hatch 4 times before I forced her to leave the nest. That was 12 weeks. She had feed and fresh water readily available at all times and never lost weight. Not all hens will do this. I have had hens go broody, set on her eggs for 1 or 2 weeks then leave the nest.

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