Question about broody goose


6 Years
May 8, 2013
I had this goose that's been broody but stopped. Can she start laying again in the same season?
I can't see where you are (which may or may not make a difference), but sourland is right. My geese start laying/nesting weeks before is really feasible. Sometimes (because of me or because the dang nest site floods once the snow melts or some other reason) the abandon their nest and take a few days. Then they find another spot and decide they should lay again.

In fact, some of mine have tried to lay a clutch, had that not work out and then midsummer, tried again. The drive to reproduce is strong. The only thing I would say is that if she sat the nest for a long time (like a couple of weeks or more) take any eggs she lays now away for a minute (you can put them back under her) so she can eat,drink, recover so two layings don't stress her system too much.

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