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Alright, I didn't know whether to post this on the hatching eggs or this forum, so I just decided this
I have a broody hen sitting on two eggs, only one made it. Yesterday was lock down and I won't be home until tomorrow night. (out of town)
Will she stay and protect the chick until I get home, if it even does hatch a day early? I figured she would, but she's a first time momma. She's not aggressive at all, and her mate protects her and her nest. I plan to put them in a dog kennel inside the coop, only way I have. I was just wondering if you all think that she will stay on the baby because it will be tired the first couple hours, and if the large cage is a good idea? Thank you for your inputs. First time having a broody, she waited a year! And she's a Silkie! Will post pics. Just trying to plan ahead.
i HAVE not done the broody hen thing before. It sounds like a reasonable plan to me though. they will need food and water checks regularly though. Is someone going to be stopping in a couple times a day for that? Food and water dishes tend to get knocked over in small spaces like that.
I will be home tomorrow so I will make their set up. Fresh water and chick starter. They will be checked a lot each day for sure. Thank you!
Sounds like everything will be OK. I've had some first time broodies as great moms, Then others, not so great. Depends on the individual hen, first time mommys may or may
not protect their chicks like you'd hope. A hen will stay on the nest for 2-3 days after the chick hatches, and will not leave the nest until baby is ready. The dog crate sounds
like a good idea, many people use dog crates, however be sure the chick cannot get through the bars and if they can, line cardboard around the bottom of the crate so there's
no escapes. The chick will not need food for 2-3 days after hatching as s/he absorbed that yolk sac, so your good. Whether or not the chick hatches while your gone, she should
still be setting on the nest when you get home. Wishing you luck and looking forward to pictures!!

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I think you are all set. Hen do stay in the nest for 2 more days after the chicks hatched. And also you don't need to be there when the chick hatch. If you use dog crate put some bedding for them. Also feed them chick starter and clean water. I usually put some vitamin & electrolyte in the water 2 to 3 time a week. I usually keep my hen and chicks in cage for couple of week. That way chicks are attach to mother hen and strong enough to run back to mother from danger. Good luck with your new chick.
I hatched out 9 chicks the all natural way last spring. I had a hen that went broody, so I let her sit on some eggs. I marked a dozen eggs {the other hens kept trying to contribute} and let her be. The way I figure it... mother nature has these things pretty figured out, why mess with it?

Come lockdown, I'd check every morning and every night. And often she'd have a freshly hatched chick, goopy and all, tucked under her wing so I'd leave the chick to dry. I'd try and peak at it {as curious as a child}, but she'd nestle it right under her and block me.

So I think you'll be just fine!
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I will be home tomorrow so I will make their set up. Fresh water and chick starter. They will be checked a lot each day for sure. Thank you!

I don't think chick starter will be necessary as they don't eat the for the first couple of days... I don't think. That's why they're able to ship them through the mail.
Thank you all! It was a relief to know that she will stay on the nest for a couple days after the baby is here. I think she will be a good mom, and after a couple weeks in the cage I will let her out with them to get used to the baby. Thanks again I needed the help!

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