Question about Buttercup chicks


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Jun 27, 2008
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When can you tell the sex of Buttercup chicks by their feather color? I know the roosters and hens are completely different when grown. Right now I have 5 chicks about a week old and they all look exactly alike.
Not until they sprout out juvenile feathers around two months of age, and you would be able to tell them apart along with some reddening of combs on earlier ages that would signify roosters. I've had pullet chicks ordered from Ideal Hatchery so that is my sign of the difference in sexes.

Other than that, enjoy them! I love the feather pattern on those hens! Many years ago I ordered a pair of pullet chicks from McM and they were much more goreous than today's Buttercups.
Thanks. I think these may be bantam. They were given away at the fair. That's why I don't know. I also got some Silkies and the Silkie chicks are bigger than the BCs. Do you think they might be bantams?
Buttercup bantams are very very rare. Only a few breeders have them.

There is a Buttercup Club here in America and you can go and check them out.

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