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    I believe I have 2-15 week old Silkie cockrels... Moe has a good size walnut shaped comb about the size of a mans thumb nail and little wattles hanging and he really crows... Innie on the other hand has a comb about the size of my babyfinger nail but no wattles as yet and his crow is quite weak more a squeek-a-do:/...they hatched the same day so why is one less developed than the this normal?!? Pam
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    Hi Pam,

    It's totally normal, just like human boys... they all go through puberty at a different rate! [​IMG]
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    Hey Pam, my chickens will be 20 weeks old on Wednesday. My one roo has a huge comb and wattles. He also crows alot. He is my alpha rooster. My other rooster, same breed, same hatch date, has a much smaller comb and wattles. He rarely crows, unless he's in the mood for a crowing contest with my alpha roo.
    I agree with Anne. Chickens are as individual as children.

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