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Aug 20, 2008
We are building our coop tommorrow and I was browsing online for some last minute ideas...

I came across a wooden playhouse-that is reasonably cheap- BUT it is made of cedar,

I know cedar is toxic if used as I am guessing that a coop made of cedar is definately out huh????
How old is it? It may not even have the cedar odor anymore. My chickens have been in a cedar coop the whole time with no problems. The cedar shavings seem to be more potent and are harmful to their respiratory system.
My new cedar coop doesn't even have the cedar smell anymore. I have had this one for a few weeks.
I'm sure someone more experienced will soon come to your aid on this. But I have read somewhere on here someone said it isn't as toxic in a whole as in siding as it is made into bedding, but there may also be controversy on this too.
It would be a brand new cedar playhouse we would have to put together ourselves....
Well my coop is brand new too. Another user on here made it for me. What I have heard is that the coops are not harmful....just let it air out for awhile. I like the cedar coop because it's more weather resistant.
I did buy cedar shaving by mistake when I first got my chickens...there is a big difference in the potency of the smell between those and the coop!
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