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    Aug 3, 2008
    We have a storage building with an adjoining chicken coop. It is predator proof, but occasionally they are out about in the yard to free range, and I can't say that we ALWAYS remember to lock them up at night. The storage building has a family of mice living under it, and I really don't want to lay out poison, knowing they might around the yard... poisoning other animals, or my one year old! So I thought about getting a cat, but of course, that means that he/she might bother my chickens and/or their hatchlings. Any other suggestions? [​IMG]
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    Cats don't eliminate mice but keep them to a lower population. If you got one you could introduce it to your chickens as a kitten and then it probably not attack them. Most cats will not kill a full grown chicken anyways.
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    Cats do not bother the adult chickens, and if there is a momma chicken raising them, SHE won't let them near her chicks.

    Some chickens also kill (and eat) mice, by the way.
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    Funny... I just saw this earlier today:

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    My cats will shove the chickens out of the way to steal some fresh feed. [​IMG] They don't fight, though, and sometimes the male cat will curl up in a nest box with the teenage Silkies. My chickens have caught and eaten moles many times. I wouldn't worry about mice at all. [​IMG]
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    My cats are well-fed, but they never both my chickens. I brood my chicks in the tack room, and last year I accidentally locked in one of the best hunters with the chicks. The brooder didn't have a cover, and she never bothered them. Now I have a cover for the brooder tank. Even my Jack Russell gives them a wide berth -- he who is afraid of nothing -- except chickens!


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