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    Oct 6, 2008
    We were out in our coop Wednesday the 19th and we notice that one dropping with blood in it. After searching this site I went and bought Corid and started giving it to them that day. This is the sixth day do I just do the 5 day treatment or do I continue? On Friday we did lose 1 chicken but otherwise they look good so I am not sure what to do.

    Also, is it safe to eat the few eggs we are getting? Or should I throw them all out? We have about 40 hens and I was getting anywhere from 30 to 35 eggs per day now I am at 5 + a duck egg from one of my ducks who just started laying Saturday. Will this pick back up soon? Are my chickens gonna be ok? They will be 1 year in October and I am terrified that I am gonna lose them!

    Any suggestions or help is very much appreciated!!!!!

    Thank you!!! [​IMG]

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    Only give them the corid according to the instructions. If it says 5 days then only do 5 days of treatment. As far as eating the eggs, no, the corid passes thru their system and is in the egg. From the first day without antibiotics of any kind wait 14 days til you collect eggs for eating.

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