Question about Door for Coop?


10 Years
Aug 11, 2009
Should I put a door on my chicken's coop?

Smaller coop about the size of a dog house with the run off of that. The chickens are still a bit young so they stay in the enclosed run all day. The door/hole they come in & out of is in the middle of the coop. They seem to sit right on the edge of it instead of snuggling inside. Is this going to be too drafty for them in the winter? Should I put an actual door that can be closed? really depends on where you live. If you're in a warm all year round area...probably not (although it's safer to be able to lock them up when needed). But if you're in an area that gets cold, you probably will want one.
i would add a door - for safety reasons. if you have critters arround your place... being able to lock them up is needed.
I 'd definetly put a door on it was'nt a good day when Mr coon showed up and raised h--l not very fun picking up your feathery friends with a pitch fork the next day!

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