Question about easter eggers

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Feb 3, 2010
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I've decided to only raise easter eggers. All my polish and polish project birds have been given to a friend. I am keeping two half polish pullets(dun in color) to breed dun into my easter eggers. How long will it take to eliminate the crest? I want them to raise their own chicks and incubate only sometimes. Are easter eggers good broodies? I am also looking for a buff ameraucana rooster or hen or eggs. I am not looking for show quality. My goal is a self sustaining flock that is very colorful,bearded and colored egg layers.Thanks
I have had easter eggers for years and have never had one go broody. My araucanas go broody alot. I have 3rd generation removed eexpolish cross chicks that still have a crest. Not sure how long it would take to get rid of it.

Crest elimination takes 2-3 generations. Never had a broody Easter Egger, only once ever heard of one through all the stories on this forum. They're not really the greatest self sustaining flock.

True Araucanas are though!

Ameraucanas, such as Buffs, are as well but not as broody as Araucanas. They're super-eye-candy though.

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