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    Okay Im back at the drawing borad for my coop..again. [​IMG] Im still thinking about using one of those fast framer kits that come with all the hardware and suppose to be no cutting. My MAIN question is..can this still be used if I want to build a shed thats only 8 ft by 10 ft? I know it says one kit makes a 7ft by 8ft shed and two kits make a 10ft by 14 ft. But if I only use half of the second kit and of course some cutting of boards and whatnot, can I make it work into a 8ft by 10ft shed? Or is it not designed for that?

    I know what your thinking..just go with the full 10x14 and just get more chickens. But I just now talked DH into letting me expand my plans of a 8x8 coop into a little bit bigger coop of 8ft by 10ft. My reasoning was "so I can store all my chicken crap into a little side closet. And not take up anymore of your 'man shed'. You know like all the shavings, feed, and etc." Little does he know that etc really stand for more chickens. [​IMG]
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    I think buying 2 kits to make 1 1/2 sheds would be almost more work then building a shed from scratch. IMHO
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    you'd only be adding 2 more wall studs and the roofing frame. Instead of the 8ft. 2"x4"s You'd be needing 10ft. lengths and, if you can get 4'x10' sheets of plywood, you'll be on your way (4'x8's are ok, but more cutting would be required).

    We use a 7'x8' for the turkeys.

    There will be cutting (windows/vents/style of door). For windows try placing 4'x10's for the sides flush with the bottom of the frame. this leaves ~6" gaps under eaves running the length of the shed on either side (hardware cloth on the inside and horizontally mounted shutters on outside).

    If all parts are cut and marked beforehand (good to fit a section together on floor for familiarization), the actual assembly is very easy.

    Have exterior siding and roofing ready to go as well.

    We have ours placed up on 4"x4"s and used two 4'x8' sheets of 1/2" treated plywood for the floor, supported along the seam by another 4"x4" with leftover 2"x4" odds and ends nailed to it. The floor is covered by congoleum remnant, 2" sand and wood chips/straw). Main concern, initially, was predator resistance, but it is very easy to clean.

    With a couple of folks to lend a hand, and some nice weather, maybe 6-8 hrs. More time spent in preparation could decrease this a bit.

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