question about food and me starting to early with layer?


8 Years
Dec 29, 2011
Please don't think of me as stupid or anything but I sorta started feeding my chickens layer feed at about 10-11 weeks I don't really remember when it was for sure I talked to the guys at the feed store this was at two different feed stores and we asked them a few different times when we were in there what feed to be feeding them and told them what age there were but I guess they didn't pay attention or they didn't think it would matter if I fed them layer early now they are about 7 months and they aren't laying which I know that all breeds might start off at different times plus it is winter anyway the chickens are looking great and healthy and i havn't noticed anything bad going on with them I am thinking I really messed up here.
I was told to start them on layer feed at 18 weeks old, but I HAD to switch them at 17 weeks because 2 of my girls started laying early! The others followed suit in a stair step pattern. A few weeks I'd have one or two more hens laying after a day or two of one of the others stopping. The day they started laying, the one who stopped would lay again. Weird! Anyhow, two of my hens just started laying this month and they are 8 months old. If they look healthy and don't seem to be having any problems, I wouldn't worry about it.
I started mine on layer crumbles at about 12 weeks. As long as they are healthy I don't think you have anything to worry about.
put them back on flock raiser or non medicated starter until you actually see an egg.

Even then many of us stay with the higher protein and less calcium feed and just offer oyster shell free choice in another feeder.

With this plan your roosters and non laying birds dont get 500% more calcium than they need, your layers will eat the oyster shell as they need to, everybody grows up stronger, quicker, and with better color.
I have to agree with the above poster. Some people don't worry about starting Layer feed too early...I kept mine on starter till ALL of them started laying. I just offered oyster shell on the side. If started too early, it can cause internal issues, due to higher calcium levels. They won't eat the oyster shell or old egg shells, if they don't require them.

Advice...don't believe what people in feed stores tell you...most of the time they have NO clue. Come to this forum, you may get different opinions, but you will get more accurate information.

Flock raiser is great, I used starter...either way, my chickens are very healthy and thrive!

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