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    Not really sure if I'm putting this in the right place or not so if it's wrong please move mods.

    This may be a really silly question but....My flock has never free ranged. They have a nice big fenced run that I keep them in because I have an outside dog that I think would love to eat them if he ever had the chance. My question is, If my dog is put on a tether while I let the chickens free range will the chickens be smart enough to stay away from the dog??

    I had one get out once and the dog didn't bother it at all but I know if the chicken would have ran from him he would of gave chase so I am afraid to take the chance but would love to allow my chickens into the overgrown garden to do alittle cleanup for me before spring.

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    Perhaps keep the dog OUT OF SIGHT! It will be easier on him/ reduce the temptation.
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    I would stay out there with them for a while. My hens will run over by my Labs if the labs have something in their mouths and are chewing it. The girls seem curious. My dogs learned very early not to bother my girls when they were peeps. The dogs would have loved to of has some "chicken tenders".
    i would make a habit of staying out with your chickens for a while and see what kind of behavior your birds and dog make.
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    For the most part my chickens know to steer clear of the border collie's run, but sometimes they can't help themselves. They see something tasty in his food dish and their gizzard overrules their brain.
    I agree with fornese. Best to supervise until you know for sure how they will interact (or not).
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