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To start off with, my options on what feed I get is very limited. I have only found one feed store anywhere nearby that sells feed and minerals for goats. What they do sell is purina. I have been told that purina is not the best choice, but I have to go with what I can get.

Sooooo, I have been getting what I believe is sweet feed (molasses covered grains and pellets) and using that when I have my does up on the milking stand for their daily ration of feed. When I went to buy more today, I wasn't paying attention and what I got wasn't the sweet feed, but a pelleted goat feed without the individual grains or molasses. My question is, which is better? Should I keep the bag I got today and continue to feed that from now on or should I take it back and get a bag of the sweet feed that I have been getting?
We use Purina goat chow on the milk stand. When our doe is milking, we give her a pound twice a day. We have a burmuda alphalpha blend horse pellet free choice, would not do more than three pounds a day for a penned goat. We are using Purina goat minerals, but have heard that sweetlicks minerals are better, less salt more mineral. But, we don't have a choice here.

You need to be sure that your goats have enough selenium. Some areas do not have enough.

Not sure what to tell you to do about the feed you bought today.
I've had the same confusion on the bags. They aren't really clear. I just mix both the pellets and sweet feed together (along with a sprinkle of minerals) and give it to them. Oh, I also mix in sunflower seeds and sometimes DE.
Not sure who told you that the Purina Goat Chow isn't the best choice. Practically everything I've read tells me to feed it. I only give it to my goats as a treat though but when they are in milk I give them alfalfa pellets too for the calcium. I also use the Sweetlix Meatmaker minerals but I've heard that Purina minerals is the next best in line.
Personally I would take the bag back only because when you switch feeds they can get the runs unless you gradually switch feeds.
I'm not certain since I don't have the bag from my last purchase. I'll go out and check what this one is.

Ok, well the mystery is solved! They gave me a bag of medicated meat goat feed
. I heard the lady at the counter tell the guy to make sure not to get the meat goat one, but he must not have checked. The bag looks exactly the same, you can only tell by looking at the ingredients tag on the bottom. So I have to take this bag back tomorrow to get the correct one.

The problem now is that my husband went ahead and fed a few handfuls to my girls before I realized it was the wrong thing. It says not to feed to goats producing milk for food, so do I have to give the milk to the dog for a couple milkings? If so, is that all it will take to get it out of her system? Will it harm my doe who is currently pregnant and should be freshening any day now? I'm really going to worry about this now.
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I hope everything works out and your goats are all ok. If it is just a little feed it may be ok. Try not to worry yourself too much as it won't make anything better and it will just cause you stress. Goats are really tough and you will be watching out for them.
I don't know how it will effect your pregnant goat? You might get a faster answer on TGS. I'll look out for you over there too to see what others think.
I have to watch the guys at the feed store when they load my van all of the time. I even have to tell them where the feed is sometimes

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