Question about hatcheries and mixed poultry orders. Anyone?


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Apr 12, 2011
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So a friend of mine is planning on buying 50 turkeys in February some time. He also is planning on buying 200 meat chickens. I would really like to buy some guinea fowl and possibly a few more chickens. The hatchery he was looking at was Meyer Hatchery and they have minimum orders on specific kinds of poultry. I would love guineas but the problem is the minimum order on that species is 25. I can't handle that many guineas. Will they ship turkeys, guineas, chickens, etc together or will they use a separate box for each species?

I have a sense they will require different boxes and to meet the minimum on each species. If that's the case does anyone know a hatchery that will ship mixed species orders at once?
They may if you ask for most hatcheries, the min per species is for if you are just buying that particular species. And most hatchers sell barnyard specials of an assorment of all different types of poultry in one order. And like with Cackle, I wanted some turkeys and their min to ship is 15 birds, but I didn't want 15 so I only bought 10 and filled the rest with chicks.
Check with Ideal and with MPC. I think MPC only has a 3-bird minimum but am not sure if they even do turkeys.

I have been EXCEEDINGLY pleased with the quality and health of the chickens I bought from Ideal last year. I will order from them again this year. I am almost as pleased with the chicks we got from MPC, too. I would order from them again, as well, but I think Ideal's a little bit cheaper and a little bit closer so the chicks won't have to be shipped quite as far.

ETA: I know that Ideal did send a mixed order of chickens and geese to a friend of mine. She ordered a pair of geese, and they put 6 production red roosters in the box as "packing peanuts". They are now 6 months old... well, what's left of them. They're sure mighty tasty!
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