Question about hatching


9 Years
Aug 17, 2010
Eaton Rapids, Michigan
Well, I've managed to hatch out my first batch of 5 ducklings successfully. However, I have two more that one pipped a couple of days ago and the other hasn't. I have 5 others that haven't done anything. They were all due today, but the 5 hatched during the weekend. I candled the others and I definitely see movement in two of them and the others I'm not sure. Should I do anything? I'm thinking since the other 5 hatched fine, maybe I got the due date wrong. Should I leave the rest alone?
if today is the due date the others may hove just been in a hurry. i have had this same thing happen with chicks recently. some just seem to want to get out worse than others lol just leave the others in

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