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Sep 14, 2014
I am new to having chickens and we have a coop that we bought. We want to build a run attached to it and are thinking we will go with electric fencing. We have lots of lots of fox in the area and have heard too many stories about fox digging under the fencing. My question is, what do we do for a gate/entryway without compromising the security of the chickens. They are locked in tight at night, but I am worried about attacks during the day. Any feedback would be appreciated.


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Jul 7, 2014
Nederland, Texas
You might try what I did with my first/current coop (a prefab). Install a bolt latch or a hasp-type (requires a snap hook or something to lock) on the top and bottom of your door/gate. To help guard against digging predators, you can either install hardware cloth (square wire mesh) floor, or install it well below a dirt floor (so they can still scratch). Also consider putting a 1-2' piece of hardware cloth all the way around your coop & run. 1/2" hardware cloth is a good bet. Try finding it at a local hardware store or Tractor Supply, before going to lowes or Home Depot (they're usually higher).


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My Coop
I used 2x4 welded wire fencing for my run with an 12-18" apron on top of the grass going out from the bottom of all the walls and 8x16x2" patio blocks under the gates.

Funky graphic of an 'apron', corner pieces are not to scale, but don't forget to do the corners too.
You can bury it a few inches to clear for mowing or stake it down and the grass will grow up thru it.

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