Question About Incubating Bantam Chicken Eggs & Duck Eggs Together

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by smithzoo100, Jan 23, 2010.

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    Does anyone know if this is even possible? I have duck eggs and Bantam Cochin eggs to put in the bator. My neighbor just got her Sportsman 300 (I think that is what it is....) up and running after replacing the wafer and another part that's had it down for years. This will be just a test run before we get our other eggs in and I get my extra Cochins sold. That way I will be down to one rooster instead of the mixed varieties that I have now. My neighbor's jonesing to hatch NOW and is excited about the mixed Cochins and the possibilities of baby ducks, too!! I know that waterfowl eggs require higher humidity and she has hatched chickens and geese together successfully with the waterfowl eggs on the bottom and the chicken eggs up top. The bator does have automatic turners so I imagine that makes lock down for the Banties easier if you can disable the turner for the tray the Banties are on?

    Anyone have any ideas besides just don't do it? I've been following some of the TJ hatches so have more faith that these eggs may be more resilient than we might imagine since I just figured out where the ducks were hiding their eggs. As I said, these are test eggs to make sure the bator is working right before we go to set what we really want and will be paying for...all I am loosing out on is duck eggs to bake with (poor DH)!! Looking forward to your suggestions and experiences since I haven't hatched eggs in a bator since I was a kid!! Thanks [​IMG]
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    I have done it, actually. The worry is that duck eggs need more humidity to hatch, obviously, however, they also take longer to hatch SO if you can set them at the same time so that the chicken eggs come off before the duck eggs, then you could just bump up the humidity after that for the duck eggs.

    Then again, see my title. I try to enable as much as possible. [​IMG]

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