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    Mar 23, 2008
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    i was wondering if anyone else has gotten "opened" letters (holes cut in the bottom of them). around christmas time i had received a letter from my girlfriend who is a state away currently, and when i received the envelope it had a cut in the bottom left corner. a perfect clean cut. just enough to look inside. also causing a heart my girlfriend was given by her grandmother before she died to get lost. i figured "ok. maybe just happened.. got caught and tore on something" But 2 days ago i received the Old english game bantam (club of america) yearbook. and it had a perfect cut in the bottom right corner. Anyone else had this happen? Doesn't seem the do the same to bills and all. just person to person letters. and stuff unrecognized to the everyday person (such as poultry clubs) the only thing i can think of is they are checking for terrorist "items". It does after all fall into place with the 20,000 troops coming back home incase of terrorist/nuclear attacks. and stuff like that. just curious if its others or their targeting me for no reason ( i haven't done anything illegal. i swear [​IMG] ....well.....there was that one thing. but thats another story [​IMG]
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    You need to let your post office know about this happening
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    May 8, 2008
    someone with access to the mail is looking for valuables. I am afraid this will be happening more and more.

    small trinkets, jewelry sent via envelope is easy to "feel" the envelope easy to open and get the piece out. I mail small pieces in those small bubble wrap envelopes. Never mail cash.Although my dad was infamous for this. :rolleyes:and checks are sent IN a medium to heavy weight stock card.

    Tell your local post master about this happening. It is a federal offense

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