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    In my book "Storey's Guide to Raising Poultry" says to do a Malathion bath for lice. I bought a Spectracide brand Malathion liquid (50% Malathion, 50% Other ingredients, says also contains Xylene range aromatic solvent" but because is not made for poultry it doesn't say how much to mix with water for poultry. Also I don't know if I have the right product. I found online a product that is called "Malathion 57 EC" and this one has poultry on the bottle but there is no sale choice only some manufacturer info about the product.
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    No idea, but will give you a bump and maybe someone who does know will see this.

    I dust with Sevin and then re-dust in 7 to 10 days to kill the nits who have hatched. Do not forget to dust your coop also.
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    Here it says to not use Malathion directly on chickens.

    Maybe someone with actual experience can chime in.

    I agree with HorseFeatherz NV, treat with sevin, or poultry dust and treat coop and living area; then retreat, and maybe again.

    Good luck


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