Question about Marek's disease

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Jun 7, 2017
Wondering how prevalent Marek's disease is in backyard flocks...I had received 3 pullets from Murry McMurry hatcheries about 12 days ago, one had symptoms of Marek's ... Very concerned about my other 7 that are one year old...they were vaccinated but I know they can still contact it...thanks
I wouldn’t worry about Mareks at 12 days old, since symptoms usually do not show up until months later. More than likely, you may be seeing signs of shipping stress. I would give poultry bitamins and electrolytes in the water. Get the chick drinking fluids by dipping it’s beak for a second over and over several times an hour. Make sure it does not have pasty butt, a blocked vent. What is the temperature of your brooder?
These girls are 15 week old pullets from the hatchery...I did the vitamins and one could not stand she was worse after two days, legs spayed so I decided to put her out of her misery the other 2 seem fine .they are in separate cage away from other flock...but worried to death this could be Marek's...thank for your help! MaryAnn

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