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Oct 2, 2010
I have a mini barn on my property, and I would like to convert it to a chicken coop. Currently, it has no windows whatsoever, and it has a double door in the front, which faces east. It is also on skids.

I was thinking about jacking it up and reinforcing the bottom to prevent predators from chewing their way in, and then turning the barn so the sides face south, then having a skylight and some windows added. The bad news is that the distance from the ground to the beginning of the roof is only about four feet on the sides. Can I put windows that low? I was also thinking about putting a house door, with glass in it, to replace the double doors, then adding a window there as well. What does anyone recommend?
I converted a mini barn/shed this past year. I had some friends come over and install a small 2' x 3' window on the south side. I then built an inner wall to have a small storage area. I insulated it and added linoleum for easy clean up. This spring I painted the inside with high gloss paint for easy wall clean up. Oh, most important I added lots of vents. The girls seem to like it so far.

your idea sounds great.
We turned ours
we are a bit up a hill. now it gets the sun plus a slight breeze
andwe only made 1x2 on each side( openings covered with double)
hardware cloth and they get air and have been happy.
next to the door we made another opening 3x3 cover with hardware cloth, and
plywood on top hinges that I open from the out side and prop
up[with a stick and it does the trick.

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