Question about moving injured bird


11 Years
Jul 7, 2008
Copied and pasted from chat to save time...

[10:39:00] SandraMort: Basic summary: ninety someodd chickens in the barn under red lights in what WAS plenty of space but is starting to get crowded and today or tomorrow the brooder space is expanding, in the meantime, one got injured. Took him into the house, blue koted the cut, let him rest a couple of days.
[10:39:11] SandraMort: He's flying around the mud room in the house -- NO GOOD!!!
[10:39:33] SandraMort: Do you think it's too soon to put him back in the barn? Will the others beat him up since he's still injured?
[10:39:50] SandraMort: his butt's all blue, they won't see any blood or exposed anything
[10:39:57] SandraMort: But I don't wanna piss off the landlady, either.
[10:40:20] SandraMort: I'm not emotionally attached to him, but he's getting plump.
[10:40:23] SandraMort: It would be a shame to lose him.
[10:40:29] SandraMort: (How mean is that?)
Injured how?
If it was pecking from overcrowding, the bluekote and adding space will help.
If it's a physical injury like a broken piece, keeping him separate would be the correct thing, if you bring a friend in for him.
I really don't KNOW how.

He kept flying out of the separated area, so we finally gave up and put him back with the others. Knock on wood, so far he looks like he's doing okay. That which does not kill us makes us stronger?

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