Question about raising baby geese with others


7 Years
Jul 8, 2012
North Dakota
Can baby geese be raised with baby chickens? I know ducks can be raised with geese, and chickens with ducks, but I'm not sure about this. I thought about getting a couple some (about 4-6) yesterday, but I delayed the idea so I could put them in a larger group. I am going to have about 12 ducks and 1 goose in this order, so I was wondering if I could add about 6 chickens or so into that. They would all ship the same week. I'm just not sure if a goose and chickens would mix.
Geese grow much faster than chickens are are extremely messy. You would have a hard time keeping the chicks dry. They would also get stepped on. They would be fine once the chickens get larger and can stay out of the way.

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