question about scaly leg mites on my chicken

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11 Years
Jul 3, 2008
i have 1, 2 year old hen that has scaly leg. she has had it for 3 months. just found out what was wrong with her. she cant walk on her right leg at all been hopping on one foot for 3 months . i started treating her with vaseline on saturday and her legs are looking better. i wonder if she will ever be able to walk on her right foot again . she lays eggs every other day and is healthy other than having the leg problem.
It may take awhile, but I'm guessing she will. Try soaking her legs in very warm epsom salts and brushing the scales with a soft tooth brush. This will help soften them up, soothe her legs, and allow you to get the vaseline rubbed in better. Remember the mites will be dead long before the scales look better. They have to shed and regrow.
How do her toes look? Are any of them swollen? You checked for bumblefoot too?

yes i checked for bumblefoot doesnt seem to have that. but definately has a bad case of scaly leg. im going to soak her in epsom salt and warm water this weekend and treat her again with vaselne . also going to treat all birds for body mites and lice. and going to wash down the coop and nest boxes with bleach and treat with poultry dust.

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