Question about TURKENS


In the Brooder
6 Years
Feb 26, 2013
I noticed this morning that my Turkens (approximately a month old) seem to have bloody welts where the feathers are growing out around the base of their necks. They both have the same marks in the same spots. They are in the brooder with some white leghorns, but the turkens don't seem to be getting beaten up on. I am assuming since the spots are similar on both its a bread thing--does anyone have experience with Turkens--is this normal? I'm wondering if it happens with the other chicks too but we don't notice because they don't have the bare skin?? Just a thought. They seem to be healthy otherwise. I sprayed them with a wound cleanser like I do if a chick gets pecked or wounded badly just in case.
Yes--It definitely looks like feathers are growing out of the bloody dots--I was assuming it just had to do with feather growth, but wanted to make sure. I will try to get a picture of it, something tells me that won't be so easy. lol
I think you are right about it being the blood feathers. This is how it looks today, yesterday all of those tiny pin feathers were bloody bumps. I figured that was what it was, but since my other birds all have non-naked necks, I couldn't see the growth before. PS--this chicken is a piggy--look at that crop!!! lol She just got done eating before I picked her up.

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