Question about types of quail these babies might be


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Feb 23, 2018
North Central Texas
Hi everyone. I have some about 5 week old A&M and JMF chicks we hatched from eggs. We bought what we thought were 30 A&M chicks and 4 dozen A&M eggs from a different seller. One of the chicks isn't an A&M. I have a picture of that one. Also, much to our surprise when our A&M started hatching, they all weren't coming out yellow. There were chocolate colored and brown with yellow markings chicks hatching. I am wondering if anyone here can help us determine what kind of quail we now have. Our intention when getting into this was to provide eggs and meat for our family and to also sell some if/when possible. We aren't sure what to do at this moment with these other kinds. Thank you for any information. 20180307_084807.jpg 20180307_084829.jpg 20180307_084821.jpg 20180307_084756.jpg 20180307_091240.jpg


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You have gorgeous Coturnix/Japanese quail in Tibetan (the very dark - if they molt out with white on the chest they are Tuxedos), the ones with thick stripes are Pharaoh (ie. Wild) coloured, and your older chick there is an Italian/Gold. Hope you are enjoying them.

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