Question about using a LG still air incubator...


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So of course we lost the 2 red plugs that go in it to control humidity... (actually hubby lost them,..

I'm incubating seb goose eggs...
We are using twisted up paper towels stuffed into where the red plugs would normally go...

Today is day 1 of incubating..
I have one hole plugged up... and left the other hole open...
Is that correct? I never could figure out when to leave the plugs in..or take them out...

Any help would be MUCH appreciated!
Yes that's what the instructions say to do unless your humidity spikes too high then you can remove the other plug for more ventilation.
I do nothing by the instructions

Sometimes I have one out, sometimes both out, sometimes both in. Depends on time of year here & what I have in there.

Most of the time, one in and one out is the usual way I do it. If I have to get temps & humidity up, I add the other.
About half way thru my temps rise some because of the eggs giving off heat, so I remove the other one then, and have none in until lockdown. Then add 1 on day 18, the other 12 hrs later if needed to help raise humidity more. I don't often use both plugs
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the egg shipping foam for quail eggs has plugs that are pushed out to ship eggs I use the plugs with a slight twisting motion they "screw" right into my HB
I leave both plugs in until I set the eggs for lock down then I take both plugs out. You can also put a piece of tape over the holes where the plugs go. I have a fan in my incubators. Here is what I use now. I just put some eggs in my incubator.
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I don't have your type of incubator and mine is a forced air, so take this for what it may be worth. The more the eggs develop, the more oxygen they need. How much they need depends on how many eggs you have in there too. With a still air, you are not going to get a lot of air exchange in the incubator, especially with the plugs in. If you don't fill it up with eggs, you might be OK with the plugs in, but I'd leave at least one out, especially later in the hatch when you have a lot of biomass in there. (How's that for using a fancy word?)
I plug both holes for the first 10 days or so. I take the second one out halfway through.

I am missing both plugs, too. We use a strip of duct tape to cover the hole. Lol


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