Question about yogurt


Jan 26, 2019
Hi - new to this forum, and we're in our first year with our flock, so many mistakes to be made! We started seriously augmenting our girls' (plus their Roo overlord) diet around October getting ready for winter. I started offering store-bought whole greek yogurt with their treats. They were perplexed but of course once my most culinary courageous hen gave it her beak of approval they all joined in. Disgusted with having to drive almost an hour one way to find *plain* whole milk yogurt I started making my own. Now when the white jar comes out during treat time the stampede just about bowls me over! If you haven't tried this I highly recommend you do. You need milk, yogurt (to start; after that you can use your own), a thermometer to guage temps, clean/sterilized containers, and a way to keep the incubating yogurt at temp for 5 to 12 hours - I use my crock pot. Reply if you want details.

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