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actually got 2..
1) can u mix different breeds of quail. i mean will they breed or just leave each other alone.
2) when the birds are ready to go out can u put them with the older birds. or at what age is it ok to put them with other older bird.
ok make it 3
3) is ther such thing as inbreeding with quail..
in response to ?? #1...Coturnix and Bobwhites( called "Bob-birds") will breed but i understand that when they do the eggs are not a mule... However there seems to be some contraversy( sp.?) about the fertility issue .
i don't have any idea about other species crossing or not.
I'll let someone else answer ??#2 for you .
??#3... yes ,quail can be inbred. You periodically need to add fresh ,unrelated bloodlines or you will end up with assorted defects.That's the bare bones of it but it's more complicated that that.
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thank yall very much. i also was wondering if you have eggs that are layed within a week of each other can u incubate them at the same time. and will they hatch still at the same time. what is the longest u can wait before incubating an egg
Eggs have a 7 day viability. After 7 days, the hatch rate goes down. Eggs incubate for 17 days for Coturnix and if you stick in eggs a week later, they won't hatch together.

Bobwhites have 21 incubate time.
I think the person I've quoted is asking "If I have an egg that was laid on October 1st, and an egg laid on October 7th, can I put the 2 of them together in the incubator at the same time and expect them to hatch at the same time."

I don't think they are asking "Can I put an egg in the incubator, then 7 days later add another egg to the incubator."

But who knows LOL I'm just trying to help! LOL
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yes thats what im askin if i got one on oct 7 and then on oct 11 can i put them both in on oct 12.

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