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    Not sure how to edit title.

    I bought 4 Buff Orp hens Mar. 5 I have 4 adults,2 SLW,and 2 roos.EE and Buff Orp. I got a TSC coop recently,and set it all up for the EE and 2SLW. The quarantine area the 4 orp hens are in is great,but not this time of year. I just cleaned their area,and had to flip the dirt,it's so swampy and messy,to the point their sleeping area inside has damp woodchips. Now,they have all been given ivermectin on their skin,wormer for 3 days,and Tylan for 5.Kinda like a tuneup after buying a used car,lol! It's been 13 days,and all seem healthy. I was thinking about movimg everyone around this weekend. Would a 2 wk quarantine be too soon? I know some things can show up after stress,but I figure I would have seen something by now after the car ride and bringing them to their new home. This next move shouldn't be as stressful. They will have much more room,and a much cleaner area. They aren't laying,but would also like my orp roo to be ok with them before they start.
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    This is my opinion, I'm sure others may have thoughts on this.
    I think you have defeated the purpose of quarantine by dosing with Tylan. The quarantine period is a time for new birds to exhibit any symptoms/illnesses that they may have. Treating with antibiotics first thing could possibly have "hidden" signs/symptoms of a contagious disease/illness before you had time to observe it.
    Of course treating for worms and parasites are most likely not a bad idea, especially if they are suspected.
    I do not know what time period would be appropriate, possibly another 30days, but leaving them in quarantine is most likely the best course of action to see if they do present with an illness.
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    Thanks,I didn't even think about it that way. I may just use the area for them,but keep my roo with his flock now.
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    Yeah, I'm on the "don't treat with antibiotics unless you know what you're treating" bandwagon too. Not only because of disease-masking that Wyorp Rock mentioned, but also because you just took one antibiotic out of your arsenal if they do get sick in quarantine because the bacteria that survived that treatment will be the ones more resistant to Tylan...treating for five days just killed the weak ones. This is how superbugs are born.

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