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    I'm planning on getting into showing my birds soon, and there is an upcoming show which I requested a show catalog for (and received) but I have a question about the entry form. I understand most of it, it's pretty basic, but one little thing would be this: is "type" considered LF/Bantam here? Also, what do the letters C, H, K, & P stand for at the far right? I'm assuming it's for the age/gender of the bird? Cock or Cockerel, Hen, Pullet, but I don't know what the "K" stands for.

    If I go I will be bringing one or two of my Silkie boys, they were hatched in June of last year so they would still be considered cockerels if I entered them in a show this month, right?

    Thanks! :)

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    I have no idea what they mean by type; call the show secretary and ask. Typically Largefowl versus bantam versus duck versus goose versus turkey (etc.) would be listed before breed. Some breeds come in both bearded and non bearded, or in rose versus single comb, so it could be that.

    K stands for cocKerel. That is pretty common. C is Cock, H is Hen, P is Pullet. OT is Old Trio, YT is Young Trio.


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    Yes, K is for cockerel. Type would be large fowl or bantan [or waterfowl if appropriate].
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    Great, thank you Sonoran and NYREDS :)

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