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    I have just today successfully hatched "white" Americauna chicks from a mail order of eggs. 6 or the 8 are yellow and 2 are very colorful brown striped chicks. Really cute! Have I been sold a mixed breed of eggs? I'm was wanted tinted egg layers. Sorry that I don't have pics to post. the chicks seems to be really puffy around their cheeks. Especially the yellow ones.

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    If you check the listings on some of the white ameraucana hatching eggs on ebay, the sellers say they may not all come out white, which is indicative of easter eggers or not proper breeding.. I have seen two different sellers with listings for the whites. According to the Ameraucana Breeders Club, if they don't breed true or are not a standard color, they are easter eggers.

    Pick up the white ones and look at what color the bottoms of the feet are. They are supposed to be white, not yellow. The legs should be slate blue and the beaks should be a natural color and not yellow. Even on newly hatched chicks the legs should look blue already.

    On the chick down, you want a champagne color or greyish color. Those tend to be the brightest whites when mature.

    Do you have pictures?

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