Question! Day 6 with broody/candle eggs and don't know if fertile/help


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I started my broody Partridge Cochin Bantam hen, with 8 eggs on the 21. Next day I put two more eggs under her, so now I have a total of ten.
All eggs are from my other hens (each one from a different breed). Five small, five large. Two days ago I candle the eggs. On five out of ten eggs I have seen veins (so I know for sure they are fertile), on two large eggs, I have seen "a black shade at one end", and on the last three eggs (two large one small) I haven't seen anything. The large eggs are from Brahma and Cochin hens, white the small eggs are from OE hens.

My question are:

-what is the black shade at the end of the egg? (could the egg be bad?)
-do Brahma or larger bantam breeds take longer to start developing?
-how many days should I wait before I take out the eggs I don't see anything or the one with the black shade?
-did I put to many eggs? ( I can't see any egg that is not covered by the hen)

I have two roosters, one Buff Brahma Bantam, and one Silver Duckwing mix bantam. The Brahma rooster is the pack leader, but unfortunately quite clumsy when it comes to fertilizing the eggs (he jumps on one side and falls on the other
). The Silver Duckwing rooster on the other hand is quick, but very good at (he always has to do it when the Brahma doesn't watch because the Brahma will chase him if he sees him
I was hoping to have at least one or two pure breed chicks from my Brahma hens (since I know for sure that the Silver Duckwing rooster has never touched the Brahma hens) but It looks like only my mix OE eggs are fertile

Heres the link to my other posts with my Broody:
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Usually if it's got that dark area..that is the chick
Iam bumping this up for u, so others with far more experience will be able to advise you

When u candle..since your day 7 are you looking for veins too?
Squiggly lines at an area under the dark area so to speak

Also do an egg candling search on here..great photos that's how I learned


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