Question for adding a fan to stilled air incubator


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Jun 13, 2009
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Hi, this is first time I post here.

I am trying to mod my still air hovabator with a fan. This is also the first time I am going to hatch something.

My question is should the fan blowing downwards or upwards (assuming enough space is given between the fan and the incubator ceiling)? I currently wired it so it blows upwards. If it is blowing downwards, would it start to blow the eggs around (I am hatching quail eggs and lay them on the wire mesh, so I think they are small enough to be affected by the fan)?

Also to double check another thing: I noticed after I adjusted the thermostat to give the right temperature, now once a fan is placed and running inside the incubator, the temperature increased by several degree. Do I in this case adjust the thermostat lower?

A third thing I want to ask is, once the fan is on, I can feel the incubator's vibrating with my hands touching the incubator wall. Is this a bad thing?

Any help is appreciated!



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Apr 23, 2008
SE Tennessee
I added a fan to my styrofoam LG. I have mine pointing upwards and I used small plastic spacers between the top of the bator and the fan so that I could tighten the fan down to cut down on vibration. I also used a couple pieces of wire hanger, some screen and a hot glue gun to cover the bottom of the fan. I didn't want any of my little fuzz butts getting hurt in the fan.

Here's a pic of mine

Also, you will need to lower the thermostat slightly. You want the temp to be 99.5 at the top of the eggs. Still air, as I recall, has the temp slightly higher because without the fan the temps are different as you go from the top of the bator to the bottom. The fan will circulate the air and you'll have a more even temp throughout.

Hope this helps

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