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    So I'm totally green to this. But are ya'll like dog breeders? Where, like.. say I wanted a Maran simply because I wanted to get some chocolate eggs in my flock. Since Marans are hard to come by from hatcheries, could I go to a breeder and inquire there? Do I have to sign paperwork saying I won't show or breed the bird? That's what we had to do when my parents got our Labrador 11 years ago. They had to promise they wouldn't breed her or anything since she was from a champion line. Is it the same with chickens?
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    Chickens are quite different from dogs. Dogs track heritage through stud books, AKC registration records, etc. Dog shows are also conducted to judge dogs and breeders, owners and handlers do compete for prestige.

    There are no stud books nor AKC type registration papers in the poultry world, but breeders, judges, owners and fanciers use a Standard of Perfection for each breed. This Standard was accepted and ratified through a process of breeders working toward the creation of a breed. Some breeds were accepted over a century ago. The Standard is detailed in its description and breeders breed the birds to that Standard.

    This isn't a sterile environment however. The American Poultry Association has chapters through the land and those chapters and/or breed clubs conduct poultry shows to which folks bring their birds. This competitive showing has a strong educational component. Hundreds of people attend and walk the aisles admiring, comparing and contrasting the birds in their own eye. Thus, there is as much art as science in poultry breeding. The birds are judged by their phenotype, a word that asks whether a bird presented, let's say as a Barred Rock, truly represents the Standard accepted for the Rock. Perhaps as many as a dozen or more Barred Rock were entered and the trained and licensed judge determines which of the birds best represent the Standard, most closely shows those admirable traits associated with the breed for it's rooster, pullet, cockerel, etc.

    The Standard of Perfection is published by the American Poultry Association.
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    Fred's info is great.

    The only paperwork I'd ask you to sign if you bought from me is a statement saying you understand that once the birds leave the property, they can't come back under any circumstances (due to disease).
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    I've heard of people selling or giving away a pet quality (cull) bird, and specifically telling the purchaser that the bird was not a show bird, and then later getting publicly slammed because the bird was disqualified,so there are some breeders who will require a statement that the bird is not a show bird. Not that you can't show it, but that you acknowledge that it does not meet the standard.

    Most shows want you to have owned the bird for a period of time--usually at least a month.
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    Hi, [​IMG]
    The poultry world is very different from the dog world. At poultry shows, the exhibitors are not allowed into the judging area until judging is over.
    There is no "handling "of poultry in front of the judges. Any holding of the birds to judge them is done by the judge when he is alone with his clerk amongst
    the birds. The exhibitors spend this time shopping or chatting about poultry until judging is done. Many chances to learn from experienced poultry people then. The elite breeders are ready to help and educate. Why not come over to my "home" thread here on BYC. It's called Heritage Large Fowl. Here's the URL:
    This is a helping/teaching thread. We are in the midst of mourning the sudden passing of our thread author and beloved teacher, Bob Blosl. However, I know Bob would want you to come and participate. There are many experienced poultry people here, breeders , fanciers and judges ...some with more than 1/2 century in poultry willing to help and educate. One special thing about HLP is that these folk are happy to help match your wants in top quality poultry to top breeders who can supply you with the lovely heritage breeds you desire. None of the kowtowing and politics, and severe contracts you see in the dog world. It's all about the breeds and conserving/preserving them.
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