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    When I find a snake in my coop eating my eggs or chicks how far would I have to relocate it to keep it from coming back? I've always heard that once they find a food source (eggs) they will keep coming back. 90% of the snakes are texas rat snakes but I've have a few misc others. I have 16 acres and lots of snakes. I don't mind them except when they are eating my eggs or chicks. I also don't want the poisonous ones right around the house - I really don't want my cat or dogs to get bit.

    For some reason the poisonous ones like to sit on the front porch and wait for me. I found a 3 1/2' coral snake just curled up on my welcome mat one morning. I almost stepped on it because I wasn't expecting it. I used the hoe and put him back in the field and haven't seen him since - but I've seen a few small ones. They are beautiful snakes! And I've found a copperhead on the porch a time or two. They definetely have an attitude.
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    Relocation can be hit or miss - sometimes the snakes will return, sometimes they will stay put, but have a hard time establishing in their new surroundings.

    Do you have the option of contacting a local herpetological society, or potentially a wildlife removal service? They may have access to release locations that have worked for them in the past & also will most likely have experience dealing with venomous snakes so you don't have to.

    PM me if you'd like some help finding folks in your area. [​IMG]

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