Question for the veterans


11 Years
Mar 29, 2008
South Carolina
I got my first chicks this spring and we now have 4 that are laying and 4 more that should start laying by the end of this month. We also ended up with 3 roosters. For now they all get along, so we'll just play that by ear.

So, my chickens have a fenced in area about 15 by 15 feet. Half of it is covered, but only one side is a solid wall. The rest is fence. The birds love it. They are happy as can be. At night they go up in the tree. I'm just unsure of when winter comes. I'm in South Carolina, so it's not snowy or super cold. But it does get cold at night.

Do they need an area that is totally enclosed?
Some roofer area would be good; maybe a three sided shed? The big issue is predator protection; half inch hardware cloth and a dig proof floor, at least at night. Think Ft. Knox ; no digging chewing climbing critters getting free chicken dinners. Mary
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