Question From First Time Hatcher Of Pea Eggs...


10 Years
Aug 15, 2009
Evening Pea People !!
I have a quick question that I'd appreciate some help with.
This is my first time with Pea eggs...or Peas in general.....I was very lucky to be given 4 eggs 28 days ago that I set in my Suro incubator. They started to pip late this morning right on day 28.
Question: temp has been about 99.7 -- 100.1, I now have the humidity at approx 69 to 70 % and have my air vent open almost half way. Small vent. I'm soooo excited about them and don't want to screw it up now. Do these numbers sound ok to hatch ??? Do I need to adjust them ??
Thanks soooo much
Thanks !! Will go open it now. One of the chicks has hatched...about a half hour ago. I'm up for the night !!! I'm in the kitchen screaming to my DH that it's coming out. He MUST be as simple minded as me ....he came on the run ! This is entertainment !
The excitement of it all !!! Stayed up to check them until 2:30 back up at 5 AM and ran to kitchen to check ! We had baby # 2 YAAAAHHHH
Egg # 3 popped out just B 4 12 noon and all seem to be doing well. That just leaves the last egg ! I think it has a pip but not sure. I am just thrilled to have 3 out of 4 and never hatched Peas B 4 !! Thanks for the assistance. :))
I spoke with the lady that was kind enough to give me the eggs this morning. She was excited that I was able to hatch them in the incubator. Said she had never been able to and was excited that I was able to see one actually hatching ! She never had .
So I guess I will be off shortly to buy some turkey starter for the kids. Good luck to all !
Liz ........mother of 3 new Pea babies
Awesome, so glad everything worked for you, you must have the magic touch with hatching peafowl, especially being the first hatch - that is so great and I'm happy for you! I will have to look into a Suro, I have never heard of one.
Yes, I'm in praise of the Suro 20 ! This was my 2nd time using it...first was chicks. I had put 18 eggs in and got 14 Ameraucanas back. Felt good about that hatch, plus they were my eggs. This time the stakes were much higher since there were only the 4 eggs I was given. So I guess a 75% hatch made me happy.
All 3 Pea babies are doing well and I had moved them to a brooder abt 6 PM . Eating and drinking, up walking around. Boy, they seem calm.
They are India Blue ??? The lady has 3 different kinds...those and white, and Blk Shldr. She has a white Peacock that is gorgeous !
I'll take pics tomorrow and TRY and post them. Thanks again to all !
Now I have Guinea eggs in. This will be interesting. My girls don't seem to want to sit on them.
:thumbsupCongrats on the baby pea! I'm getting a few eggs next week some time, my first time too. But my bator isn't near as fancy... genesis 1588 if I remember right. We'll see.
Can't wait for pictures

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