question on coop for winter


5 Years
Sep 12, 2014
i have a simple chicken tractor for 6 chickens. im wanting to know during the winter time do i need to close the sliding door (that lets them out of the coop and into the run) during the night so it doesn't get too cold, an then open it again every morning to let them back out to the run. or can i just leave the door open all the time as i have all summer so they can go in and out as they pls. i live in central indiana so u have an idea of what the winters are her
They won't go in and out in the dark but I suspect that door is one of their only sources of ventilation so no, don't close it. They need fresh air much more than warmth.
i have two vents near the roof of the coop. 1 on either side. thats why im curious as to wheather leaving the door open at nite on a blustery winter nite would make it too cold cuz there would ba alot of cold air blowing through the door.
I have a big 3X4' window on both the east and west walls of 2 coops up near roost height on a couple coops. The prevailing winds blow right through. The other buildings have big eastern windows. I love fresh air and so do they.
I have a friend with a nice coop and covered run. Her chickens never sleep in the coop but rather the roost in the run. I think our weather is similar.
Not every winter night is the same. Some winds are harsher than others. The Canadian jet stream is going to feel worst than southerly wind. Therefore, flexibility is the best approach.

On those better days cross breeze thru the coop really freshens the interior. However, in a blustery night, crosswind is not desirable.

If your tractor is mobile try to face the pop door south or face it down wind when it is blustery. My stationary coop has gable and soffit vents with shutters so I can control the airflow. My pop door faces south and stays open except during blizzards.

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